In Kanchanaburi, Thailand, on assignment for Bring the Elephant Home foundation. ©2016

In Kanchanaburi, Thailand, on assignment for Bring the Elephant Home foundation. ©2016

Ana Grillo is an award-winning documentary photographer and filmmaker based in Chiang Mai, Thailand and San Francisco, USA. She started her career as a photojournalist for the New York Times in the late 90s and crossed over into filmmaking after co-directing 2 feature documentary films in the 2010s. Her first film, “Camp Beaverton: Meet the Beavers,” toured the world over, won a special jury prize in Rio de Janeiro and was the number one documentary on Hulu for six weeks. Her work in Asia focuses on women, wild elephant conservation, and environmental issues around mangrove forests and climate change.  She is founder/director of Good Karma Projects, travel volunteer adventures / media making missions, while on yoga retreat. In India 2015, Ana led a GKP documentary filmmaking bootcamp for women aged 14-64, which produced the short film, “Nari Shakti: Women of Tirthan Valley,” about women’s savings groups, now inspiring thousands throughout the Great Himalayan Mountains. Ana focuses on inspiring true stories of real life heroes and Sheroes of today. Ana produces videos, documentary films, photo books and picture stories with the intention to increase awareness, inspire action and change the world.  

Ana's always open to discuss new projects. For inquiries, kindly contact her at Thank you.


International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Mangroves for the Future, New York Times, Corbis Photo Agency, The Archdioceses, National Public Radio, South Baltimore Homeless Shelter, Johns Hopkins University, Goodwill Industries, Deutsche Bank, Planned Parenthood, Horizon's Foundation, Burning Man, San Francisco's GLBTIQ Center, North Charles Street Design, University of Maryland, Barnard College, many colleges, universities, hospitals, and various international magazines around the world.


2013/14  Acting Out: 25 years of queer film and community in Hamburg, a documentary film produced by Aye Aye Film in Hamburg, Germany. Acting Out chronicles the 25 years of the Lesbisch Schwule Filmtage Hamburg and the community that made it one of the most important queer film festivals in the world. Roles: co-director/writer, cinematographer, interviewer, audio recordist, Still photographer. *On the festival circuit now.

2012/14 - Camp Beaverton: Meet the Beavers, a documentary film by Ana Grillo and Beth Nelsen currently on a world tour and VOD release. Film has been selected in over 40 film festivals in 4 continents, and won a Special Jury Prize in Rio de Janeiro. Roles: co-director/writer/producer, Director of Photography, sound recordist, interviewer, web designer, graphic designer, still photographer.  

2011 - WHAT IS LOVE? San Francisco answers, a long term documentary film in progress, inquiring about the definition of true love. What is Love? is set to travel to different cities around the world.  San Francisco, Chiang Mai, Berlin, Manali,  Watch: San Francisco teaser.

2014 STICKS AND STONES, THE BAMBI LAKE STORY, a short documentary directed by Silas Howard. Cinematographer, audio, still photographer. Frameline Completion fund award.

2014 SAYAW, documentary film by Cecilio Asuncion. Behind the scenes documentary, video, photography.

2012 - WHAT'S THE T?, an award-winning documentary film by Cecilio Asuncion. Videographer.

2011 - RUNNING WITH JIM, a documentary film. Cinematographer, Photographer, Production assistant. Worked with David L. Brown, SF filmmaker and teacher.