WHAT IS LOVE? SAN FRANCISCO. The Mission: a 7 year investigation into Love returns to San Francisco to ask... 

What is Love? and... how can we do it better today during this time of great civil war.  and teach the children by being good role models and listeners when they are unsure how to communicate to the masses this very important answer.

The Good Karma Projects and its merry band of feminist warriors, will survey the city, asking only children and old people, what it is they think love is, because too many adults have lost their way and now its time for the children and the most important members of our society today, our seniors, our elders, the most wise among us.                  

What is Love? San Francisco. What the Mission looked like 7 years ago. San Francisco has changed and we will report faithfully our answers. Its not about us, It's about you and your answers.  



stay tuned... weekly updates. Blues out. 


Feature documentary film in production now.

2011 Teaser: https://youtu.be/RSTtxj629nk


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It all started when…

The documentary began in San Francisco, as I first learned how to shoot video, record sound and interview people without saying, "uh-huh" and "exactly." These teasers highlight the streets and neighborhoods of San Francisco, my home.  Over 60 interviews in San Francisco alone, as well as other major cities like Hamburg, Berlin, Luleå, Chiang Mai. A vibrant and exciting cast of characters, diverse and profound. 

Production stage: over 50% shot, re-asking the question to our characters 7 years later and traveling across country for a deeping exploration into the meaning of Love in our country, when Hate seems to be winning rounds these days. What better time to ask America what they truly believe Lo ve is. Maybe we all need a simple reminder.

Is there one common thing we can agree upon about we teach children about Love and how to treat people less fortunate that you are?

X-Sgt Blues-Grillo wants to know.

IN PRODUCTION NOW: Fall 2018 Cross Country production schedule slated for 2 vehicle mobile unit crew.

In negotiations for private fundraising. Angel investors welcome. 

Feel free to contact me personally for further information about What is Love? San Francisco answers. anagrillo@me.com

Future locations sighted: Berlin, Beijing, Bogotá, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Nairobi, Katmandhu, Paris, Manali, Mexico City, and the most diverse sampling of our planet we can find, all sharing the meaning of Love. Imagine that.