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It all started when…

The documentary began in San Francisco, as I first learned how to shoot video, record sound and interview people without saying, "uh-huh" and "exactly." These teasers highlight the streets and neighborhoods of San Francisco, my home.  Over 300 interviews in San Francisco alone, as well as other major cities like Hamburg, Berlin, Luleå, Chiang Mai. A vibrant and exciting cast of characters, diverse and profound. 

Production stage: over 80% shot, re-asking the question to our characters 10 years later and traveling across country for a deeping exploration into the meaning of Love, for “What is Love? Across the Americas: the Answers.” (working title)


Feel free to contact me personally for further information about What is Love? The San Francisco answers. Bluegrillo@icloud.com

Future locations sighted: Berlin, Beijing, Bogotá, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Nairobi, Katmandhu, Paris, Manali, Mexico City, and the most diverse sampling of our planet we can find, all sharing the meaning of Love. Imagine that.