SHANE BLUES-GRILLO interprets Love with this song, BLACK FLIES by Ben Hart


At Burning Man, the world's largest experimental art festival, Center Camp Cafe is the heart and buzz of it's home, Black Rock City. Over 70,000 dusty burners for 7 days in a hot cold desert drink more coffee per capita than anywhere else in the world. This short documentary shares the stories of volunteers that build and run lt with a lot of love, sparkles and grit. Produced by BURNING MAN LOVE PROJECT © 2013.  Camera, audio, interviews by Ana Grillo 2013. Edited by Master Damien, Love project master editor. Roles: one woman run-n-gun: camera, interviews, audio, photography. 

Center Camp Cafe is the largest shade structure on the playa, serving coffee and electrolytes 24 hours a day with 24 hour a day programming. Check out this amazing hub for the community and the volunteers that make it work. Even better, VOLUNTEER! Work a shift at the Cafe and Gift back to the community.