Ana Blue Grillo is an award-winning documentary photographer/ filmmaker living in San Gabriel Valley, California, furthering her education and working for conservation. She began her photography career as a photojournalist, after winning awards at an Eddie Adams workshop then onto shoot for The New York Times in Washington DC, during the Clinton Era.

In the 2010s, Grillo transitioned into documentary filmmaking after co-directing 2 feature doc films. Her first film, “Camp Beaverton: Meet the Beavers,” toured the world over, screened in over 50 international film festivals, winning a special jury prize in Rio de Janeiro. On first digital release, Meet the Beavers held the top documentary spots on HULU for the 2014/15 holiday season.

Grillo’s work continues to focuses on women’s stories, as you see from Khang Hang Meo, Thailand in the trailer below about “Kung and the Beehive Fence,” a brilliant non-violent solution to deadly human-elephant conflict in Thailand.

Local junior beekeepers with Ana Blue Grillo. Selfie break in Kanchanaburi, Thailand.

Local junior beekeepers with Ana Blue Grillo. Selfie break in Kanchanaburi, Thailand.


Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Elephant Haven, a sanctuary for rescued and retired elephants. Photo by Bob, 2017 Bike 4 Elephants participant.

Grillo’s service work includes, Good Karma Projects: documentary filmmaking bootcamps for girls and women, while on yoga retreat. She is now in Self Defense and Martial arts training and intends to add, Self Defense workshops for women, to the Good Karma Projects offerings.

* See 2015 GKP: India promo below.

About the Good Karma Projects… In 2015, Grillo moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand and planned the 1st Good Karma Project: India. The Assignment: Great Himalayan National Park and the Women of Thirtan Valley.

In June 2015, Grillo led the first documentary filmmaking bootcamp, and sponsored 4 teenage girls from RADHA NGO and one elder artist from the USA. The GKPs students ages ranged from 14 to 64.

Together, with many local volunteers, a team of 13 women filmmakers produced GKP’s first short film, “Nari Shakti: Women of Thirtan Valley.”

Nari Shakti or Women Power, is about women’s culture in Tirthan Valley. These are Women farmers and small business entrepreneurs, living on the buffer zones of the Great Himalayan National Park, a newly appointed World Heritage site in Northern India.

“Nari Shakti” tells personal stories about their micro-financing self help groups and small business enterprises. They share their success stories of micro financing, as well as, their hopes and dreams for their daughter’s futures. 

The film, “Nari Shakti: Women Power”, continues to inspire thousands of international and government officials, local women, NGO staff and travelers passing through the Great Himalayans each year.

Grillo’s work in Asia now focuses on women, wild elephant conservation and mangrove reforestation projects. Grillo is now in production for 2 long term documentary films. “Kung and the Beehive Fence Solution,” and “What is Love? San Francisco: the Mission.”

Kung and the Beehive Fence Solution is about the first beehive fences in Thailand and 3 extraordinary women who built them.

** 2017 Kung and the Beehive Fence TEASER here:

** Kung and the Beehive Fence Photo gallery here.

More trailer teasers on my youtube channels.

Always open to discuss collaborative projects. For inquiries, please email Grillo directly at:

Client List:

The New York Times, The Archdioceses, Goodwill Industries, National Public Radio, National Association of Public Interest Law, Planned Parenthood,  Institute of Human Virology: Dr. Robert Gallo, Deutsche Bank, IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature), Marriott Hotels Thailand, Johns Hopkins University, University of Maryland Baltimore schools (Law, Medicine, Social Work), Barnard College of Columbia University, Temple Hospital, North Charles Street Design, South Baltimore Homeless Shelter, Horizon's Foundation, Burning Man, The Center (SF LGBTIQ Center), various international magazines, books, web publications, films. 


2015-2020 (Thailand) Kung and the Beehive Fence Solution, a documentary film in production now. Roles: Director, writer, DP, audio, stills, research and development. ** Watch Trailers and teasers on YouTube today.

2010-2020 (in production now) “WHAT IS LOVE? SAN FRANCISCO: the MISSION.” What is Love? Is a long term documentary film in progress, inquiring about the definition Love across borders in the time of Gentrification and Prosperity. What is Love? is set to travel to different cities, villages, windy rivers and country lanes around the world.  San Francisco, Bangkok, Rio De Janeiro, New Delhi, Berlin, Manali, Nairobi, Katmandhu, Bogotá and imagine your town. Watch: 1st 2012 San Francisco teaser here on YouTube today.

 Acting Out: 25 years of queer film and community in Hamburg, a documentary film produced by Aye Aye Film in Hamburg, Germany. Acting Out chronicles the 25 years of the Lesbisch Schwule Filmtage Hamburg and the community that made it. Roles: co-director/writer, cinematographer, interviewer, audio recordist, Still photographer. 

2013 CAMP BEAVERTON: MEET THE BEAVERS (1ST CUT 2013 - TOP DOC ON HULU 2014/15 * AUDIENCE award winner *RIO 2013). Feature documentary film (runtime 60min.) by Ana Blue Grillo and Beth Nelsen. Film has been selected in over 45 film festivals in 4 continents, won a Special Audience award in Rio de Janeiro. Up for redistribution, slated for director's cut and re-release. ** ROLES: Research&Development, CO-DIRECTOR/WRITER/PRODUCER, DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY, sound recordist, interviewer, web designer, graphic designer, still photographer.  

2014 - STICKS AND STONES, THE BAMBI LAKE STORY, a short documentary directed by Silas Howard. ROLES: CINEMATOGRAPHER, Audio, Still photographer. Frameline Completion fund award.

2014 SAYAW, documentary film by Cecilio Asuncion. Behind the scenes documentary, video, photography.

2012 - WHAT'S THE T?, an award-winning documentary film by Cecilio Asuncion. Videographer.

2011 - RUNNING WITH JIM, a documentary film. Cinematographer, Photographer, Production assistant. Worked with David L. Brown, SF filmmaker and teacher.