Camp Beaverton: Meet the Beavers is a feature length documentary film that traveled around the world in over 50 film festivals, won a Special Jury Prize in Rio and was a top doc on Hulu on first release, during the 2014-2015 holiday season. "Camp Beaverton: Meet the Beavers," was co-directed and edited by Napa filmmaker, Beth Nelsen. This film is a portrait of a modern generation of queer and gender fluid women - educated, outspoken and just a little dusty.. for more info. Watch on iTunes or Youtube now. 


Camp Beaverton: Meet the Beavers, THE SHORT TRAILER above.

What is Love? a documentary film in progress. San Francisco teaser. runtime: 4:21



Short Trailer for the documentary film in progress by Ana Grillo, "What is Love? San Francisco" © ana grillo 2017. Trailer runtime: 60 secs.

What is Love? is a longterm documentary project about the meaning of Love. In these times, when love is both legalized and criminalized, to question how we define Love and are defined by love, is inevitable. As I travel on assignment, I interview people around the world, and ask simple, yet profound questions about Love. What is love? Can you control who you love? What do you mean when you say I love you?

The documentary began in San Francisco in 2011, these teasers highlight the streets and neighborhoods around my home in the Mission.  Over 100 interviews in San Francisco’s citizens in the early 2010s, a unique cast of SF characters that can only be found there.

Film scheduled to return in 2020.

New Trailers coming.

Acting Out: 25 years of queer film and community in Hamburg


ACTING OUT: 25 years is a documentary about the International Queer Film Festival Hamburg that celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2014. The filmmakers have filmed, interviewed, gleaned the archives and edited reams of material into a small masterpiece. With its gorgeous shots and sublime soundtrack, the documentary entertainingly brings across both the unique atmosphere and 25-year history, and illuminates the complex mesh that both forms and carries the festival. The film reveals the ways a queer film festival  functions as a platform for unheard voices and creates life-changing experiences for all involved.

For more info:

ACTING OUT: 25 years of queer film and community in Hamburg, trailer.


2012 - 2014  Camp Beaverton: Meet the Beavers, a documentary film by Ana Grillo and Beth Nelsen. Roles: Co-director/writer/producer, Director of photography, sound recordist, interviewer, web designer, graphic designer, still photographer.  

2014  Acting Out: 25 years of queer film and community in Hamburg, documentary film produced by Aye Aye Film based in Hamburg, Germany. Co-director, Cinematographer, Interviewer, Still photographer, Audio recordist.

2014 Frameline premiere:  STICKS AND STONES, BAMBI LAKE, THE AGE OF THE GOLDEN HUSTLER, a short documentary film by Silas Howard. Cinematographer, Audio, Still photographer.

2012 - present  WHAT IS LOVE? San Francisco, a documentary film in progress. Director/writer/producer, DP/Cinematographer, Interviewer, Sound recordist, Editor. What is Love? is set to travel to different cities and villages around the world through 2015: Stockholm, Berlin, Hamburg, Chiang Mai, Vrindivan and Dharamsala.

2014 - SAYAW, documentary film by Cecilio Asuncion. Behind the scenes documentary, Video, Photography.

2012 - WHAT'S THE T?, award-winning documentary film by Cecilio Asuncion. Videographer, Audio.

2011 - RUNNING WITH JIM, award winning documentary film by Robin Hauser Reynolds, Dan Noyes and David L. Brown. Cinematographer, Photographer, Production assistant.