Good Karma Projects: India 2015

Travel with Purpose, Documentary filmmaking bootcamps for women, while on Yoga retreat.

We create short films, by women, about women, and for humanity… while practicing yoga, meditation and selfless service every day.

Documentary Filmmaking Bootcamps for Women

From June 1-15, 2015, our 2 week Good Karma project and documentary filmmaking bootcamp resulted in a short documentary film produced by our team of students and mentors. We offered instruction and hands-on experience in video, audio, and photography with an emphasis on conducting compelling interviews and shooting cinematic landscape scenery. We gave 5 scholarships away to 4 high school girls from Manali, India and an elder artist from the USA. It was a truly diverse team and a rich cross cultural experience for all. 

Filmmaking is a great team effort and in the end, we made a short documentary film by, for and about women. Our goal is to create safe space, offer education and hands on experience, to women through media making bootcamps. As a direct result, more women can share their stories through film and photography, while we document our times with an essential women's perspective.  Please view. Nari Shakti, Women of Tirthan Valley, below.

Family photos for Radha NGO

School girls from RADHA NGO at the bus stop. Manali, India. 2008


Women of RADHA NGO, an income generating women's cooperative in Manali, India

.photos by Ana Blue Grillo for the Kullu Project 2008